Barrett Legacy

January 31, 2022

As an 83-year-old who has been working in forestry for the entirety of my life. My long-term hope for Barrett Forest land in Beaver Bank is to make it possible for the next generation of Barrett’s to keep a portion of our timber limit in multi-use forestry. This can only happen if the entire communities of the greater Beaver Bank area help protect the land as per the sworn legal affidavit. Otherwise, if our timber limit continues to be misused and destroyed the Barrett family will have no choice but to sell the land for industrial, commercial or housing. Thereby losing my legacy of being able to keep a large portion of Beaver Bank in forestry.

Yours Truly,
David F. Barrett

Barrett Lumber Mission Statement

March 6, 2022

If you have had any conversation with me then you most likely heard me talking about the past and how Barrett Lumber Company was able to stay strong especially during difficult times such as the recession in the 1960’s, 1980’s and the 1990’s. This was made possible due to our main principles, established by my father Harold T. Barrett in 1926, which are as follows:

A. When making a business decision, if the decision is not good for the community it is not good for the business. (The Beaver Bank Community recognized these principles by naming the Beaver Bank Junior High School and Beaver Bank Boy Scouts Camp after Dad).
B. Provide personal service.
C. It is our Christian duty to try to find employment for anyone with the work ethic. This principle had to be changed because of government policy.
D. It is our Christian duty to help out our local competitors if needed.
E. Against monopolies.
F. Supply quality products.
G. Always put your profits back into the business so you can grow and provide more employment.
H. A good businessman should get at least three returns for any move he makes and put something back into the community that makes it all possible.
I. Waste not, want not.
J. Pay your bills on time and live within your means.
K. Above all provide reasonable and fair pricing.

Yours Truly,
David F. Barrett

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