BLC Fee Guide

Regular Vehicles Cars/Trucks$50 ($25 – Key, $25 – Donation)
ATV / SXS$100 ($25 – Key, $25 – Donation, $50 – Repairs & Upkeep)
Additional ATV / SXS$50 (Repairs & Upkeep)
Replacement Sticker$25
Replacement Key$25
  1. The BLC timber limits fee is for a family sharing a single vehicle (car/truck/ATV/SXS). Anybody that operates the vehicle on BLC timber limits is required to attended the affidavit session, but at no additional charge.
  2. Additional ATV/SXS vehicles require an additional sticker at a fee of $50.
  3. If the family has additional ATV/SXS vehicles, and more than one operator, each additional operator is to pay the $100 fee and attend the session instead of the additional sticker fee.
  4. Any operator under the age of 16 must attend the affidavit session and be accompanied by a parent at all times while on BLC lands.
  5. Lost key or replacement sticker fee: $25
  6. BLC assumes no liability for anybody operating a vehicle on BLC timber limits.
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