BLC Fee Guide

Reasons Why BLC Charges a Destruction Fee

1) It has been my experience in life that if someone gets something for nothing, they don’t respect it, they think it has no value.
2) It costs thousands each year for BLC to fix the damage done by ATVs and other motorized vehicles.
3) Signs, frames and posts cost hundreds of dollars plus the yearly cost of repair and painting.
4) Just the cost to repair wear and tear from cars, half tons and responsible OHVs on our forest roads add up to thousands each year.

BLC Fee Guide
Regular Vehicles Cars / Trucks$50 ($25 – Key, $25 – Donation)
ATV / SXS$100 ($25 – Key, $25 – Donation, $50 – Repairing the destruction of tracks caused by speeding ATVs)
Additional ATV / SXS Sticker$25 (Repairs & Upkeep)
Replacement Sticker$25
Replacement Key$25

1. The BLC timber limits fee is for a family sharing a single vehicle (car/truck/ATV/SXS). Anybody that operates the vehicle on BLC timber limits is required to attended the affidavit session, but at no additional charge.
2. Additional ATV/SXS vehicles require an additional sticker at a fee of $50.
3. If the family has additional ATV/SXS vehicles, and more than one operator, each additional operator is to pay the $100 fee and attend the session instead of the additional sticker fee.
4. Any operator under the age of 16 must attend the affidavit session and be accompanied by a parent at all times while on BLC lands.
5. Lost key or replacement sticker fee: $25
6. BLC assumes no liability for anybody operating a vehicle on BLC timber limits, land under BLC management or land owned by descendants of Harold T Barrett.

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