Why Firewood?

People Heat Their Home with Firewood Beacause:

1. Firewood is Local
You create local jobs, strengthen your local community and reduce the environmental impact from
transportation. You also have a product that is less vulnerable to global supply chain problems.

2. Firewood is Renewable
You are using a natural product that grows back and captures CO2 as it grows.

3. Firewood is Low emission
When you burn dry wood in a high efficiency stove, firewood is one if the lowest emission sources of heat available.

4. Firewood Usage Slows Climate Change
Heating with firewood is as close to CO2 neutral as you can get. By replacing other carbon-based heating fuels that are accelerating climate change you can help the planet now.

5. Firewood is Reliable
Nothing beats firewood for reliable, on demand heat. Even if it’s not your main source of heat it’s an excellent backup for when you lose power, have your heat pump or furnace break or you accidentally run out of oil or propane.

6. Firewood is Cost Effective
Per unit of heat, dry hardwood firewood in a high efficiency stove gives you exceptional value. One cord of dry firewood produces the same heat as 801 litres of oil. * If furnace oil is selling for $1.00/litre, that’s $801.00 to produce the same amount of heat as 1 cord of firewood, so oil can’t compete on price. The real question is, how efficient is your wood stove and what value do you place on the extra time and effort firewood takes?

7. Firewood is Good for Your Body and Mind
Stacking and moving firewood is an activity for all ages. Stacking firewood is good exercise. You can move at your own speed and relax your mind while doing so. Knowing you have a pile of dry firewood places you in control of this important corner of your life. A well stacked woodpile says I am in control, I am secure, I am prepared.

8. Firewood is One of life’s Simple Pleasures
For thousands of years a good fire has delighted us with warmth, security and wonder. It still has the power to comfort us, calm our mind and brings us back to the simple things of life in a way nothing else can.

Versions of this list have been around for decades. We took the time to update it and remind people that what was true 100 years ago is still true today. In fact, with a properly installed and maintained high efficiency wood stoves and the need to address global warming the case for burning firewood only gets stronger.

Courtesy of Barrett Firewood

* Calculations based on Natural Resources Canada “Heating with Oil” Table 2, page 44.

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