Legal Affidavit – For ATVs & Other OHVs

Please be sure to print and fill out 2 copies (One for you, one for BLC)


1. Review the Nova Scotia Off-highway Vehicles Act ( and the NS Wildlife Act ( with all family members to learn, understand and obey the rules. I will take ownership and accompany children under the age of 16 at all times. Anyone over the age of 16 will need their own signed legal affidavit.
2. Obey all Nova Scotia hunting and trapping laws.
3. Keep my speed at or below 20 km/h on BLC timber limit, reducing it to 5 km/h on turns to protect the road and when passing walkers and joggers for safety and to reduce dust.
4. Be courteous on BLC timber limit roads by stopping and removing helmet to say hello to walkers as well as turning off engine when meeting a horseback rider.
5. Report any speeding and near misses on BLC timber limit to David Barrett at or 902-452-8137 so he can do my and his due diligence by reporting to proper authorities; my name will not be used.
6. Only access BLC timber limit with motor vehicle through BLC gravelled, ditched, culverted roads as per maps, to avoid killing new forest, destroying walking paths and silting ditches, brooks and lakes. If I do drive off these roads, I accept the cost of repairs, which could be thousands of dollars.
7. Obey all signs posted on BLC timber limit.
8. Always give right-of-way to log trucks and other equipment and not block access to boat ramps, truck-turning spots, gates, etc.
9. Use only rope and dead wood to construct a lean-to—NO NAILS. If plastic is used, it must be removed after each use.
10. Know where the gates are located. Watch for second gates, windfalls, washouts, narrow bridges and roads, people or vehicles working, roads that are off limits or have barriers, fire ponds, stream crossings, gravel pits, railway tracks, logging trucks, truck ruts, icy roads, sink holes, etc.
11. Inform David Barrett or 902-452-8137 in confidence if I see anyone causing damage or breaking these rules.
12. Obtain and place on my OHV a BLC numbered sticker which anyone can see while I am sitting on my OHV.
13. Accept that any disregard of these rules by me or my family will result in being banned from BLC timber limit for life.
14. Acknowledge that by signing the BLC Legal Affidavit and obtaining a sticker that BLC is released of any and all liability for any accident, injury or death, or damage to any person or property as a result of any negligence by BLC, its servants or agents. The sticker holder operating an OHV/ATV hereby agrees to indemnify BLC from any such accident, injury, death or damage to any person or property which may occur as a result of BLC granting permission to use BLC Forest Extraction Roads or any roads under BLC management.

And that I WILL:

15.NOT drive any motorized vehicles on BLC timber limit without a Nova Scotia driver’s license and insurance.
16. NOT use any two-wheeled motorized vehicle on BLC timber limit.
17. NOT have fires and tent or camp on BLC timber limit.
18.NOT drive or be on BLC timber limit from one hour after dark until one hour before daylight.
19.NOT consume alcohol or drugs or be intoxicated while on BLC timber limit.
20. NOT use BLC roads or property for any illegal activity (deer jacking, drinking and driving, marijuana planting, stealing, etc.).
21. NOT leave beer cans and other litter on BLC timber limit.
22. NOT go around BLC forest road gates, encourage anyone else to do so, or be a party to going around BLC gates.
23. NOT organize or participate in any ATV or snowmobile rallies on BLC timber limit roads; these cause extensive road damage and must be reported.
24.NOT bring a car or truck onto forestry roads that have been snow-plowed, or park at the entrance to such roads so as not to impede the ability of logging tractor trailers to operate.
25.NOT drive any motorized vehicles on BLC forest extraction roads from March 1 to April 30 when frost is coming out of the road; this does great damage to the roads.
26.NOT build any camps, tree stands or bear stands with nails on BLC timber limit; builders must remove these structures by February 28, 2023, or be charged to the full extent of the law.
27. NOT drive nails into BLC trees to affix any signs.
28.NOT tear down or destroy BLC signs.
29.NOT cut any BLC trees without BLC written permission.
30.NOT spin tires to do wheelies on BLC timber limit; this causes potholes, throws out sharp rocks and destroys gravel surfaces.
31. NOT drive into any lakes or streams to a) play around in the water, b) to wash the mud off my OHV, c) as a short cut or d) to cool off the OHV motor because of mud / debris around motor.
32.NOT give access to those who have not taken the affidavit for a) ATV/OHV, b) cars and/or trucks unless they are just walking on BLC timber limit.

Please send David Barrett an email at with any other suggestions you feel should be added to this affidavit.
Please refer to David Barrett’s blog at ( for additional information.
Permission is good for one year unless extended by BLC at its sole discretion.
FEES: $100
($25 for donation, $25 for keys, $50 for the repairs & upkeep for damages caused by using OHVs/ATVs on BLC timber limits, etc.)

Please call RCMP Dispatch at 902-490-5020 when witnessing any of the above infractions and email
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