Barrett Lumber Company Woodland Overview Letter

Dear Sir/Madam:

We wish to thank all of you who help keep our woods an enjoyable, productive forest, especially those who clean up litter, etc.  If it were not for those of you who take the time to inform us about the road problems while they are “hot”, we would have to consider closing our roads.  If we keep receiving information that helps us control the problems that develop, such as the ones listed below, we should be able to keep on top of the situation and retain our policy of letting responsible neighbours use our wood roads which, except for off-highway vehicles (OHV’s), we now have a handle on.

Our lawyer has told us to make sure that no lock is left on for more than 20 years.

In 1994, Barrett Lumber Company (BLC) was experiencing serious problems and had to change the locks that summer on the Fenerty and Beaver Bank Lake Roads.  The problem was that young people with access to their parents’ keys were having drinking parties back at Square Lake, etc.  With your help, the RCMP and neighbours, we were able to regain control and protect our land from possible fires, litter, broken glass, etc.

Because of the reckless use and destruction caused by OHV’s on our woodlands such as dangerous speeds, general lack of respect, going anywhere and everywhere, tearing up the land and ditches and going around gates etc., BLC is forced to react by issuing a warning that if the Beaver Bank ATV club does not have a control of all OHV users of the BLC Timberland as of Feb 28, 2023, all OHV’s will be completely banned from use on BLC properties.

As of 2011, BLC has a yearly agreement with the Beaver Bank ATV Club to authorize and manage OHV users on BLC wood land.  An OHV user has to be a member in good standing of an OHV Club to get the authorization. If the Beaver Bank ATV Club doesn’t step up to the plate and help me control the destruction by OHV’s, I will close all our lands to OHV’s, just as I had to do with the mini flea market (letter enclosed).

  • There was a tragic accident at Rossley Gate Road with a racing snowmobile and, because of this, we are insisting that no one trespass on our lands without knowing where the gates are and about any other dangers that are present.
  • Snowmobiles, 4-wheel, 3-wheel, and 2-wheel vehicles have been tearing up newly-planted trees, etc.
  • We were not being informed of what was happening in our woods as much as we should have been.
  • Some roads were being travelled while the frost was coming out of the ground in the spring.  We have had to change the locks from March 15th to May 1st each year and some years between March 1st and May 1st.
  • Some of our new roads, or extensions of old roads which we do not get gravelled, were being torn up, especially during hunting and fishing seasons.                
  • A lot of vehicles are being driven around gates, especially OHV’s.
  • We are getting reports of pedestrians and horseback riders having to leap out of the way of speeding OHV’s.
  • People were using our roads for drinking and then leaving bottles in the woods or on the roads.
  • Some were driving on roads when they were too soft, thus causing damage.        
  • Some were driving nails into our trees.
  • Deer-jacking or other illegal activity may cause any lock to be changed at any time.            
  • Written agreement and keys are given free of charge to all youth groups, schools, etc. that wish to use our roads, providing they come to a BLC Family Forest Stewardship meeting and sign our Stewardship Agreement.

TREE STANDS (WITH NAILS) because high-speed saws and nails are a deadly combination (shrapnel going through sawmills):

  • All existing tree stands with nails MUST be dismantled and cut into four-foot blocks.  Anyone constructing new tree stands with nails as of May 1, 2005 will be charged with destruction of property and any other charges that apply.

As you likely know, it would be much easier for BLC and the various property owners who are granting this permission to simply close off their roads.  We hope we never have to do this.  Please continue to inform us so that no problems get out of hand.  We thank you for your support.

Some of the recreational uses of BLC timberlands under the Barrett Lumber Company Family Stewardship Agreement:

  1. Cross country skiing
  2. Sleighing
  3. Tobogganing
  4. Fishing
  5. Boating
  6. Canoeing
  7. Kayaking
  8. Hiking
  9. Jogging
  10. Horseback riding
  11. Bird watching
  12. Swimming
  13. Picnicking
  14. Berry picking
  15. Viewing wildlife
  16. Nature walks
  17. Walking for enjoyment and health
  18. As of February 28,2023,  anyone walking a dog on BLC land will have to belong to a dog or walkers association***
  19. Admiring fall colours
  20. Boy Scouts, including group camping
  21. Girl Guides, including group camping
  22. Cadet Movement, including group camping
  23. Sitting by a lake or brook for peace of mind
  24. A beautiful place to bring guests from away at any time of the year
  25. Dog sledding
  26. Nature/Educational opportunities

*** A dog walkers & walkers association has to be formed and rules set in place, BLC will offer the Dog Walkers & Walkers Association an agreement to permit dog walkers and Walkers on BLC and Barrett Family lands. This has to be done to protect the dog walkers, walkers and the Barrett family from being sued over any incidents that may arise. For example in the summer of 2018, on separate occasions a logging truck and a person riding a horse were almost hit by speeding ATV’s.

There is nothing I like better than to see responsible people enjoying our property.  There is nothing that upsets me more than irresponsible use of our property.  Always remember this, it is the renewable resources – logs, pulpwood, firewood, fuelwood chips, etc. from our Timberlimit that provides the income to pay the taxes, build and maintain these roads which so many of you enjoy. 

David F. Barrett

Corporate Secretary and Woodland Manager

Cell: 902-452-8137


Visit our website at

Revised: Dec 2020

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